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Shape Up America! Calls on Parents and Pediatricians to Help Kids Manage Their Weight

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Washington DC/PRNewswire/September 24, 2002 -- How do you know if a child is overweight, obese, or simply large for their age? Shape Up America! answers this question -- and addresses many other weight-management issues -- in a recently released document entitled "Parent's Guide for the Assessment and Treatment of the Overweight Child."

"Media sources are flooded with messages about the epidemic of childhood obesity and its health consequences, but offer very little practical advice on what to do about it," says Barbara J. Moore, PhD, President of Shape Up America! and author of the Parent's Guide. "Parents need to know how to identify whether their child is overweight and what actions to take."

Several key points addressed in the Parent's Guide are:

The Parent's Guide, which is available through Shape Up America's award-winning website at, gleans information from the scientific literature and offers practical insights and guidance to parents, caregivers and pediatricians.

Shape Up America! is a nonprofit organization founded by former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop in 1994 to raise awareness of the health effects of obesity. Shape Up America! is dedicated to debunking myths and offering scientifically sound information on dieting, healthy eating and physical activity.

Source: Shape Up America!