Height Measurement

Adults are measured in the standing position using a stadiometer or portable anthropometer. Clothing should be minimal when measuring height so that posture of the patient/client can clearly be seen. Shoes and socks should not be worn. The patient should stand with the back and head straight so that the Frankfurt plane is horizontal and the eyes are focused forward. Feet, knees, buttocks and shoulder blades should be in contact with the vertical surface of the stadiometer, anthropometer, or wall. Arms should be hanging loosely at the sides with palms facing the thighs; the head is not necessarily in contact with the wall. Patients are asked to take a deep breath and stand tall to aid in straightening of the spine. Shoulders should be relaxed. The moveable headboard should be gently lowered until it touches the crown of the head. If large amounts of adipose tissue prevent the heels, buttocks, and shoulders from touching the wall simultaneously, patient/client should simply be asked to stand erect.

Adapted from Guidance for Treatment of Adult Obesity

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