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Childhood Obesity Assessment Calculator

How to Use this Site

To determine a child's BMI percentile, you need the child's exact height, weight, and age. Small errors in the measurement of height and weight lead to large errors in the BMI calculation and an inaccurate determination of BMI percentile. Follow these steps to determine the child's BMI percentile:
  1. Accurately measure child's height in inches or centimeters and enter the measurement.
  2. Accurately measure the child's weight in pounds or kilograms and enter the measurement.
  3. Enter the child's birth date.
  4. Enter the date of the height and weight measurements in steps 1 and 2.
  5. Once you hit the "Continue" button, a BMI is calculated and a gender-specific chart appears with the child's BMI percentile indicated by a red dot.

This program is designed for patients between the ages of 2 and 20.

Enter the patient's birthdate:  /  /  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Select the gender of the patient:
Select your measuring system:
English (inches, pounds)
Metric (centimeters, kilograms)

To determine the patient's BMI percentile, you must enter the height, weight, and measurement date. You may enter up to six data points, but you must enter at least one:

point height weight measurement date (mm/dd/yyyy)
1      /  / 
2      /  / 
3      /  / 
4      /  / 
5      /  / 
6      /  /