How to Use this e-Guidance

To use this program, you will need to provide some information about your patient on several of the following screens. You or a designated health care assistant in your practice can compile all the necessary patient information so you can use this program as efficiently as possible. To aid in this process, you will find a comprehensive list below.

Your patient's percent body fat should be calculated by you or a staff member in your office using a bioelectrical impedance machine, skinfold calipers, or a non-stretchable tape measure, which can also be used to measure your patient's waist circumference. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE APPROPRIATE TOOLS TO MEASURE YOUR PATIENT'S PERCENT BODY FAT, MEASURED (NOT ESTIMATED OR SELF-REPORTED) HEIGHT AND WEIGHT WILL BE NEEDED FOR BMI CALCULATION.

We strongly recommend that a dialogue take place between you and your patient before using this program so that your patient is involved in the decision-making process.

Information Needed:

Does your patient have any of the following:

Is your patient menopausal?

Is your patient's quality of life impaired due to obesity?

Is your patient physically inactive?

Has your patient experienced a weight gain of 22 pounds (10kg) or more since age 22 for males or age 18 for females?

Does your patient have an individual history of obesity that includes any of the following:

Has your patient - either recently or currently - given up smoking?

Is your patient currently:

Does your patient have any of the following:

Does this patient say s/he is interested in losing weight?

Is this patient a veteran of many attempts to lose weight? If so, is s/he motivated to lose weight now?

Is it an appropriate time for this patient to lose weight or are there other significant life issues that will interfere with the effort required?

Does the patient sound as if s/he is ready to make a long-term commitment to a new lifestyle of healthful eating and regular physical activity?