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Coming Soon — A New Drug to Treat Obesity



Weight-loss magic or deception? How to spot bogus weight-loss product claims



National Report Card on Physical Activity in Youth Shows Much Room for Improvement



Small Changes to Fast-food Kids’ Meals Can Help Cut Calories



Hunger is linked to obesity in children



Child and adult obesity rates remain high, but decline in 2- to 5-year-olds



Americans are eating healthier and cutting down on calories



If they eat it, so will I: how social groups affect eating behavior



New guidelines urge doctors to treat obesity more aggressively



Family dinnertime habits may help fight obesity



Using low-calorie sweeteners may help with weight control



A report card on America's diet: how are we doing?



Obesity rates in adults holding steady but still high overall



Obesity rates down among preschoolers from poor families



Growth spurt may help some kids outgrow obesity without losing weight



High blood pressure risk rising in children and teens — obesity and excess salt linked to increased risk



Physical activity and obesity rates county by county



Poll says schools should lead the way in preventing obesity



Studies find Americans cutting back on sugary drinks and sweets



Obesity ranked by job: transportation workers take top spot, doctors least obese



Study offers strategies for handling all-you-can-eat buffets



Improving nutrition in school competitive foods does not lead to long-term financial loss



Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report



Kids need recess at school — here's why



Obesity facts and fiction — can you spot the difference?



Social media may help beat childhood obesity



Health effects of childhood obesity don't wait until adulthood



Study finds a little excess weight may not increase risk of early death



When counting daily calories, keep tabs on alcohol



Diabetes rates rise dramatically across the U.S.



Leisure-time physical activity extends life



More studies link sugary drinks and weight gain



Adult obesity projections for 2030: soaring rates threaten America’s health



Key strategies to maintain weight loss after menopause



More Americans are walking



From Mississippi to Colorado, US obesity rates remain high



Nutrition and health organizations take a stand on sweeteners



Study finds three key strategies can boost your weight-loss success



New York City Plans to Ban Supersized Sugary Drinks



HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation tackles America’s obesity epidemic



Weight control is not as simple as energy in = energy out



SUA supports farm bill nutrition priorities



CDC’s WHO growth chart training is online



Online games sway kids’ snack preferences



Kids get more calories from added sugars in foods than drinks



It's not just size but color that affects how much you put on your plate.



AHA suggests that parents should be involved in treatment programs for obese children.



American Cancer Society releases updated nutrition and physical activity guidelines



January is the most popular month for ads on weight loss products and services. With so many enticing options for slimming down, choosing the one that will work the best can be daunting.


Welcome to Shape Up America!

Founded in 1994, Shape Up America!® is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management. Take a journey through our website to find information and ideas to achieve a healthy weight for you and your family. If you are a health professional, you will find resources to assist your clients and patients with their efforts to attain and maintain a healthy weight.

Make 2015 a year of healthy weight for your family

If good health is your top desire for 2015, know that the healthy changes you make for yourself are good for your family, or future family, as well. Adults and children, as young as infants, can reap the benefits of healthy eating, daily physical activity and adequate sleep. If reaching a healthy weight is your new year’s resolution, make your goal a family affair.

The first few years of life are a critical time for preventing childhood obesity, and the early you start, the better. Whether you’re a parent, parent-to-be or health professional, you can help children get an early start to life-long good health and a healthy weight.

Read more

Note: this article by Adrienne Forman, MS, RDN, co-author of Fit from the Start, was written for Networking News, a newsletter for registered dietitian nutritionists who belong to the Nutrition Education for the Public dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Fit from the Start: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy

Fit From the Start

Announcing an engaging and informative book for parents, parents-to-be and anyone responsible for the care of infants.

Fit from the Start:
How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy

By Alvin Eden, MD, Barbara J. Moore, PhD, and Adrienne Forman, MS, RDN.
Published by Shape Up America!®

Nearly 2 out of 3 children who are obese by kindergarten will remain obese as teens, and most of these teens will become obese adults. What you do now can spare your baby a lifetime of struggle with obesity. This easy-to-read book gives you the critical information you need to prevent obesity in infancy, including:

  • How to avoid overfeeding (with breast and bottle)
  • How to spot excess weight gain, and what to do about it
  • Why sleep matters, and how to establish healthy sleep patterns
  • How and when to introduce solid foods
  • How to avoid an unhealthy appetite for sugary drinks
  • How to help your baby get exercise before beginning to crawl or walk

Written by a pediatrician (Eden), an obesity scientist (Moore), and a nutritionist (Forman), this book is based on the latest scientific research in preventing childhood obesity in infancy.

Each chapter explains a single concept and summarizes it with easy-to-remember guidelines and expert advice. Author Dr. Eden also shares questions and answers encountered during his 40+ years of pediatric practice.

Bonus material includes:

  • Delicious and healthy recipes
  • Menu plans to help moms maintain or safely lose weight
  • Links to engaging exercise videos of infant games and songs

Here’s what people are saying about Fit from the Start

Interviews with the authors

Here’s a preview of what’s inside

This book is published in memory of C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD, the 13th Surgeon General and founder of Shape Up America!, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness of obesity as a serious and preventable public health issue.

Siblings Compete to Support SUA

The JFit 360 Team

Jen Dehestani and her brother, Jason Sarbacker, owners of JFit 360°, a Boston-based personal training company, competed in a unique fundraising event to benefit Shape Up America! On August 8th in West Roxbury, MA, Jason ran a full marathon and Jen completed a "traveling burpee mile". Find out how it turned out:

The JFit 360 Face-Off

Can You Outrun Your Fork?

We all know people who started an exercise program and lost 20 pounds. Although we don’t doubt these stories, many experts, including those at Shape Up America! point out that an "exercise-only" approach to weight loss produces, on average, only 4-6 pounds of weight loss.

Read more about a better approach to weight loss

Help Shape Up America! in 2015 and Beyond

Please consider giving $10, $20, or any amount you can so Shape Up America!® can continue its mission to fight obesity and help all Americans reach a healthy weight. We need your help to launch our new book: Fit From the Start: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy. Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Just click below to make a secure donation using PayPal, or send a check to Shape Up America!, P.O. Box 149, Clyde Park, MT 59018. We do not sell or trade your donation information to other parties. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

The Danger of Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when both mother and baby need protection. Yet in America, at least half of all pregnancies are unplanned. More and more men and women are entering pregnancy either overweight or obese. During pregnancy, overweight women face serious health risks including high blood pressure and diabetes that are harmful to both mother and baby.

The infants born to overweight or obese mothers (and fathers) are fatter at birth and they face a higher risk of obesity by the age of 4.

All of these risks increase if the mother gains too much weight during pregnancy.

To protect the health of pregnant mothers and guard against the risk of childhood obesity, please learn about the new weight gain guidelines.

Read more about weight gain during pregnancy

Sign Up for Our New Weekly Tips

Shape Up America! and organizations such as BariMD along with industry announce a campaign to reach 500,000 patients to motivate them to not give up on their ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Sign up today to receive a weekly tip by email!

New education materials for people with joint pain and excess weight

Shape Up America! through our membership in the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (www.oaaction.org) has created pamphlets to assist individuals affected by excess weight and who are experiencing joint pain or have been diagnosed with arthritis to take action steps to improve their joint pain. These pamphlets detail how excessive weight affects joint pain/arthritis, the benefits of losing weight on joint pain/arthritis, and how to make healthy lifestyle changes. They are available in color and black and white and at different sizes for easy reading.

OAAA Weight Management Resources

Warning About Taking Qsymia® Before or During Pregnancy

If you are currently taking Qsymia (phentermine and topiramate extended-release) and you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you should stop taking this medicine immediately and contact your health care provider. Use of Qsymia during pregnancy will put your baby at higher risk for developing certain birth defects.

Use the following link for further information:
FDA Qsymia medication guide

Breaking News: FDA Issues Warning About Weight Loss Supplements

On June 17, 2013, the FDA issued warnings about several potentially hazardous products, including: Paiyouji Plus, Fat Zero, Fruit & Plant Slimming, Extreme Body Slim, Bethel 30, XIYOUJI QINGZHI CAPSULE, and MAXILOSS Weight Advanced Blue.

For more information about these warnings:
FDA Public Notification about Tainted Products

Dr. Barbara Moore Talks About Childhood Obesity

Recently Dr. Barbara Moore, the president of Shape Up America!, shared her expertise on childhood obesity as part of a video series produced by Kids in the House, an online parenting resource. Use the links below to view this important series.

SUA is a contributor to the Kids in the House site. You can view one of our most popular videos here:

NCES Marketplace NCES Catalog Image Map

Looking for Pedometers? Fight Childhood Obesity and Join the MOVment!

Shape Up America! and MOVband are teaming up to get people moving and help fight obesity.

How you can help

Help Us Fight the War on Obesity!

Help Shape Up America! by purchasing any product from Saving The World T-shirts. Check out the awesome t-shirts, yoga apparel, bracelets and bumper stickers!

Jason Bahamundi at 2012 Ironman Arizona

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jason on a terrific year of racing triathlons in 2013. Jason started with a 70.3 race in San Juan, Puerto Rico and followed that up with his 3rd Ironman race at Ironman Texas in May. On a tremendously hot and humid day Jason raced to the 15th fastest marathon in the M40-44 age group. His 2014 season already has an Ironman race pinned down with Ironman Chattanooga in September. We wish him good luck in 2014 as he continues his commitment to living a healthy lifestyle that includes both exercise and proper nutrition.

If you wish to read more about Jason and his training and/or racing please visit his website at cooktraineatrace.com.

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