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Founded in 1994, Shape Up America! is the premier destination on the web for serious, factual information about the awareness and treatment of obesity and overweight in the United States. We leverage the latest scientific studies and policy initiatives to provide our audience with an unparalleled online source of current news, guidelines, commentary, and interactive tools.

Our organization reaches out to a global audience through our popular and award-winning website. We currently attract almost 60,000 page views per month, reflecting the high level of interest both in our information products and the issue of obesity in general. In March 2013 (a typical month), our site was accessed by 16,500 unique visitors searching for the latest information on healthy eating, physical fitness, and weight issues.

Shape Up America! offers you several advertising options on our website, payable through PayPal or credit card.

Please note: pre-payment of 6 months (minimum) is required via PayPal/credit card before your campaign can begin. Renewal payments must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to expiration in order to insure your campaign continues without interruption. Thank you!

Available ad slots:

Ad format Per month
Text ad (no logo) and link — section page $100
Text ad and link (no logo) — home page $150
Logo + text ad and link — section page $150
Logo + text ad and link — home page $200

(Prices are in USD)

When developing your campaign, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Text ads are limited to 250 characters (including spaces)
  • Ads may not contain nudity or other adult content.
  • Ad locations are approximate and may change depending on length of editorial content.
  • Our inventory is normally text-based; please contact us if you are interested in placing a creative with graphics, animation, or other types of rich media.
  • Shape Up America! reserves the right to terminate a campaign at any time if it is determined that the campaign is not being properly served.
  • Please allow lead time of three business days for standard creative.
  • Changes to an existing campaign must be received at least three business days prior to the requested change date.
  • Shape Up America! has final approval for all ads with respect to editorial/creative content.
  • Shape Up America! reserves the right to remove an ad from our website at any time for any reason.
  • Shape Up America! reserves the right to refuse any ad without explanation, and to modify and/or append these guidelines without advance notice.

Additional information on sponsorships, joint development of educational tools and programs may be obtained by contacting Barbara Moore at

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