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April 2009


2000 calories


1 cantaloupe wedge (1/4 medium melon)
1 whole wheat English muffin with 1˝ Tbsp. peanut butter1
1 cup fat-free milk


Chef’s salad:

2 cups salad greens topped with 2 oz. cooked chicken or turkey breast, 1 oz. cooked ham and 1 oz. reduced fat cheese, each cut into thin strips. Add 1 sliced hard-boiled egg, 5 cherry tomatoes cut in half and 1 Tbsp. reduced fat salad dressing.

1 whole wheat roll
1 apple


1 sliced tomato seasoned with oregano and drizzled with 1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 servings Zucchini Lasagna2
1 cup fresh fruit salad


6 dates
3 cups hot air popped popcorn lightly sprayed with butter spray and sprinkled with your choice of seasoning5

Nutrition Notes:

  1. May use 1 slice reduced fat cheese instead of peanut butter
  2. To reduce sodium, use no salt added cottage cheese
  3. Divide the snacks throughout the day.
  4. Include water, unsweetened flavored seltzer or a no calorie beverage throughout the day
  5. Seasonings may include cinnamon, garlic powder, chili powder, no salt seasoning blends. Lite microwave popcorn may be used instead of seasoned hot air popped popcorn.