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January 2003 
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2003 is here and now, and Vicky and I who send out this newsletter started the Shape Up & Drop 10 program on January 1st after eating everything in site during the holidays. We are happy to share that so far we have put away a little over 5 pounds each and while we miss the chocolate, we both feel good and determined. In the coming months, we will let you know how we are doing and we hope that some of you will join us and Shape Up along with us!

In this issue
  • Shape Up In Groups!
  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
  • Tips For Family Fitness Fun-Part I
  • TAKING A STAND - On Affordable Fruits and Veggies
  • Our Contest-1st Place Tie-Part I

  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
    Start the new year right by becoming a member of Shape Up America! and participating in our Shape Up & Drop 10 program available only to our members. Over the coming year, the professionals at Shape Up America! will be sharing more than 75 years of combined weight management experience with you.

    Shape Up & Drop 10 is a weight management program you can live with. It provides practical strategies, tips and solid guidance to overhaul your lifestyle and help you take unwanted pounds off and keep them off.

    The program is designed for adults who are tired of playing "get thin quick" games. We offer real help and guidance for real people. We are here to support our members via email. We can answer your questions as you tackle each step toward healthier eating and a more active lifestyle.

    Shape Up & Drop 10 is not for children or teens younger than 18, but if you happen to be a parent, your entire family will benefit from your participation in Shape Up & Drop 10. So don't delay, become a member and get started now on Shape Up & Drop 10. Here is a preview of the topics we cover in the first few steps of Shape Up & Drop 10. Shape Up & Drop 10 is a registered trademark of Shape Up America!

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    Tips For Family Fitness Fun-Part I
    Designate indoor and outdoor play areas where rolling, climbing, jumping, and tumbling are allowed. Buy toys or equipment that promote physical activity.

    Select fitness-oriented gifts with the recipient's skills and interests in mind. Limit time spent watching TV, videotapes, and playing computer games.

    Use physical activity rather than food for rewards (e.g. family goes in-line skating). Include grandparents, other relatives, and friends whenever possible.

    Take turns selecting an activity for the family to do as a group each week. Spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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    TAKING A STAND - On Affordable Fruits and Veggies
    Shape Up America! believes that agricultural and economic policies that will make fruits and vegetables more affordable is a public health issue. Eating more fruits and vegetables makes good sense as a weight management strategy and it reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease at the same time. There are many studies showing that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables consume less fat and fewer calories. Raising fruits and vegetables requires lots of water (which is expensive) and fruits and vegetable crops can be expensive for farmers who use fertilizers and pesticides. All of those costs get passed on to consumers and make fruits and vegetables more expensive. A national survey conducted by Shape Up America! showed that for households earning less than $25,000 a year, the AFFORDABILITY of fruits and vegetables is a barrier to healthy eating. We believe that cheaper fruits and vegetables is a HEALTH goal because it makes weight management easier and offers protection from heart disease and cancer.
    Our Contest-1st Place Tie-Part I
    We are delighted with the numerous entries that we received, so we are having another contest. See our home page for more details. Here is the submission that stole our hearts:

    School Staff Fitness A friend and I have started a "shape-up" program for our staff in ND. We have been trying to get pedometers for our staff, and we (about 18 of us) have started to walk after school. We are excited since we have so much interest in our program, and we feel that there is such a need for fitness in our work place. We have many ideas to help our staff, but we are taking baby steps, so that we do not overwhelm those that are trying to make exercise a commitment. Right now we have a six weeks walking program with staff members putting their names in a box every time they walk 30 minutes. At the end of the six weeks we will draw for prizes such as a massage, a pedometer, etc.. The next six weeks we will have a challenge between female and male staff members for the most steps walked. We are also going to teach weight-lifting to some of the women who are interested, and we are having a lady come in and teach us some yoga, so we can do some relaxation exercises. This program is new to our school, and we have the approval of our board and also our administrators, so we are ready to improve our health, so we can better teach our students and be examples to them. I was happy to find your site to get more ideas and material. Thanks! Sincerely yours.

    North Dakota

    Shape Up In Groups!
    During the past months we have received numerous requests for group memberships, bulk discounts on pedometers, publications, and other materials. As a result we are launching 2003 with a ton of exciting things for groups as small as 10 participants.

    We are also adding many new products to our store in order to facilitate kicking off the year with everything you need to stay fit and healthy.

    Groups of 10 participants can purchase a joint membership, as long as we bill a single person for $50. This is $5 per person. Groups of 50 participants can join for $125. This is $2.5 per person. What a deal!

    Talking about deals...100 copies of Fitting Fitness In...Even When You Are Pressed For Time is now available for $50 until the end of January. And we have two types of pedometers on sale, one is $13.55 when purchased in quantities of 5. There are many other items on sale!

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