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February 2004 
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We are dedicating this month's newsletter to the issue of obesity in children. Please join our efforts to address this.

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  • Sponsor Shape Up America!
  • Guidelines for Physical Activity for Children
  • Mix, Match, and Motivate
  • Policy Conference on Economics of Obesity
  • Cool Nutrition Tips for Teens Pocket Pal

  • Guidelines for Physical Activity for Children
    Because of the importance of physical activity for the prevention of obesity in children and youth, we are pleased to announce an important new set of physical activity guidelines. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) has issued updated guidelines for physical activity for children 5 to 12 years of age. The new NASPE guidelines state:

    Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of age appropriate physical activity on all, or most days of the week. [Note that children do not exercise continuously for long periods as adults do. It is perfectly OK for children to engage in a number of shorter bursts of activity that alternate with short periods of rest.] Children should participate in several bouts of physical activity lasting 15 minutes or more each day Children should participate each day in a variety of age-appropriate physical activities designed to achieve optimal health, wellness, fitness and performance benefits. [Note that a qualified physical education teacher can help identify such activities for your child.] Extended periods (periods of two hours or more) of inactivity are discouraged for children, especially during the daytime hours.

    The NASPE guidelines are a call to action for parents - to be "active role models" and to be vigilant about insuring their child is getting plenty of activity both inside and outside of school. A particularly important time for physical activity for children is between 3 and 6 PM. Parents whose work schedules or other demands do not permit them to supervise their child's activity during this period may want to team up with other families or friends in order to provide daily opportunities for safe, supervised play. It does indeed take a village to raise a child.

    You may not have fond memories of physical education classes from your own youth. Perhaps your teacher let the children pick teams and you were always picked last. Perhaps you were frustrated or embarrassed because only the best athletes were praised. You can help insure your child receives a high quality physical education and help your child truly enjoy physical activity. The NASPE guidelines offer parents some information they can use to evaluate their child's physical education experience. According to NASPE, physical education teachers should: Expose youngsters to a wide variety of physical activities Teach physical skills to help maintain lifetime health and fitness Encourage self-monitoring so youngsters can see how active they are and set their own goals Individualize the intensity of activities to fit the child Focus feedback on "doing your best" rather than on some pre-set goal Be active role models To order a copy of the NASPE guidelines, call 1-800- 321-0789 ($16) and ask for stock number 304-10276


    Mix, Match, and Motivate
    Mix, Match, and Motivate helps you show elementary students that physical activity can be fun and meaningful. It shifts the emphasis away from competitive games in favor of activities that allow all students to succeed, ensuring maximum student involvement and a positive experience for all.

    These 107 activities take a developmentally appropriate approach to skill development and fitness. You'll be able to meet a range of individual needs while motivating kids to participate in lifelong physical activity and meeting the NASPE standards for skill and fitness development.

    Purchase Book Here! »

    Policy Conference on Economics of Obesity
    The Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section of the American Agricultural Economics Association is pleased to announce its 2004 Conference titled The Economics of Obesity: Is New Public Policy Justified? to be held March 11-12, 2004. The conference will be held in Arlington, Virginia's Key Bridge Marriott, and is a joint conference with Economic Research Service/USDA, Farm Foundation, and The Food Industry Center.

    This conference is set in an economic framework for the analysis of several questions fundamental to the obesity debate. How should costs, benefits, and effectiveness be weighed when evaluating competing policies? How does information from the public and private sector influence consumer food and lifestyle choices? What are the effects of current policy on the food industry and consumers? What are examples of innovative free market responses to heightened health awareness and nutritional research? This context will provide an objective framework for evaluating the pros and cons of new government action to reduce obesity in the United States.

    Join us in a series of lively presentations and discussions by public and private sector researchers and industry representatives at the cutting edge of this issue. The registration deadline for the regular rate of $150 is March 4th. The hotel reservation deadline for the group rate of $159 per night is February 25th. Don't miss out!

    Inquiries about the conference program may be addressed to AAEA-FAMPS Chair Luanne Lohr: Please include "FAMPS Conference" in your subject header to insure a prompt response.

    Find out more about the conference here. »

    Cool Nutrition Tips for Teens Pocket Pal
    With their bodies going through many changes, it's important that teens eat right. This guide can help with quick and easy nutrition tips they can easily follow. Includes:

    Snack Attack Smarts Fast Food AlertPlus basics to encourage eating smart so teens can look, feel and do their best!

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    Sponsor Shape Up America!

    If your organization is interested in sponsoring the development of programs or tools to help children and adults have healthier lives by increasing activity and reducing over-eating, Shape Up America! needs your help.

    You can contribute to this goal by sponsoring specific programs, conferences, purchasing materials from our site, adverting on our site, or by making a tax deductible donation.

    Set your organization apart by showing the world, your employees, and your clients that you care and support healthy life styles.

    For more information on how to participate, please contact us via email or phone.

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