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March 2003 
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Last month we promised to keep you posted on how our weight loss goals are progressing using the Shape Up & Drop 10 program. Well, Vicky has lost an additonal four pounds and I have refused to weigh myself the last two weeks because I ate tooooo much a few times. Ok, I will do better next time!

In this issue
  • Taking A Stand
  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
  • Shape Up America! Joins Support for TV-Turnoff Week 2003
  • Breakfast Benefits - Weight Management Tool
  • Conference on Diabesity in America launches "Stop Diabesity" Initiative

  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
    Shape Up & Drop 10 is a weight management program you can live with. It provides practical strategies, tips and solid guidance to overhaul your lifestyle and help you take unwanted pounds off and keep them off.

    Get started now on Shape Up & Drop 10. Here is a preview of the topics we cover in the first few steps of Shape Up & Drop 10...

    Step 1 -- Achieving Fullness on Fewer Calories Step 2 -- Drinking and Dieting, Do They Mix? Step 3 -- Centering -- How to Stay on Target Step 4 -- Physical Activity -- What's Enough? What's Too Much? Step 5 -- Count Calories Because Calories Count

    Do you have a slow metabolism? Does it make losing weight difficult? Find out how you can use our Shape Up & Drop 10 program to estimate your metabolic rate and learn what you need to know to master the next ten pounds. Shape Up & Drop 10 is a registered trademark of Shape Up America!

    To get your pedometer, click here »

    Shape Up America! Joins Support for TV-Turnoff Week 2003
    Shape Up America! joins in support for TV-Turnoff Week 2003. The event will take place April 21-27,2003; more than six million people across the country and around the world are expected to participate.

    Shape Up America! is one of more than 70 to support the event. Supporters include organizations ranging from the American Medical Association to the National Education Association, from Reading is Fundamental to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, from the political left to the political right and everywhere in between.

    In 2002, more than 6.4 million people participated in this event in over 16,000 organized Turnoffs, and organizers expect even bigger numbers this year.

    "The support of so many organizations demonstrates how important it is - for a wide variety of reasons - to turn off TV and turn on life," said Frank Vespe, Executive Director of TV-Turnoff Network (, which organizes and promotes the event. "We're very happy to welcome Shape Up America! to the fold.

    Get this resource now »

    Breakfast Benefits - Weight Management Tool
    Shape Up America! analyzed national NHANES data on breakfast eating in teenagers (ages 12 to 16). We wanted to look at breakfast eating in very thin teenagers and compare their eating habits to those of normal weight teens and overweight teens.

    The graph shows what we found. The pattern of breakfast eating among the boys is very different from that of the girls.

    About half of the boys (red bars) are eating breakfast regularly whether they are very thin (on extreme left), normal weight (middle) or overweight (extreme right).

    For girls (green bars), it is a very different story. The thinnest girls are most likely of all to eat breakfast regularly. As weight increases, breakfast eating among the girls declines steadily. Breakfast eating reaches the lowest level among the overweight girls.

    Read more about this »

    Conference on Diabesity in America launches "Stop Diabesity" Initiative
    Shape Up America!, Rutgers University and the New Jersey Obesity Group (NJOG) are co-sponsoring the Second National Conference on Diabesity in America to be held at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 21-22, 2003.

    In March, 2001 Shape Up America! organized the first national conference to address the growing prevalence of "Diabesity" in America. This landmark conference addressed the connection between obesity and type 2 diabetes from both a clinical and a policy perspective.

    The two-day 2003 Diabesity Conference this November will cover basic science as well as clinical and policy issues.

    Join Shape Up America! in sponsoring this event.

    Contact us about Sponsoring opportunities »

    Taking A Stand

    Consumers need calorie information at the point of purchase to make wise choices. Shape Up America! Policy Position on the Provision of Nutrition Information by Restaurants, Food Service and All Other Retail Food Outlets.

    Adults, teenagers and children old enough to make their own food choices need nutrition information in order to make wise food selections. Shape Up America! recommends that all restaurants, food service operations and other retail food outlets in America provide accurate and complete nutrition information to their customers. Accurate Calorie information should appear (in a type size at least as large as the price) on the printed menu or menu board that consumers customarily rely on to make their purchase decisions. Additional nutrition information should be made available to consumers upon request.

    This information should contain at least the following data per serving for each food item on the menu, including beverages: Calories * Total Fats (grams)* Saturated Fats (grams) * Cholesterol (mg) *Carbohydrates (grams) *Total Sugars (grams) *Protein (grams)*Dietary Fiber (grams) *Sodium (mg) *Calcium (mg)

    To obtain this information, restaurants and other retail food outlets should identify a Registered Dietitian (R.D.) or other qualified professional to provide the above information. Any qualified professional with access to the appropriate software can determine the above information based on accurate recipe and serving size information. Organizations seeking a qualified R.D. can consult the American Dietetic Association website or call 1-800-877-1600.

    Click here go to American Dietetic Association

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