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December 2002 
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While the year is almost over, we at Shape Up America!, have been working hard to bring you more useful and pratical information to implement the new year.

We believe that you will be pleased with the release of our updated Shape Up & Drop 10 plan, just in time for a new start.

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  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
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  • Managing the "Hungry Monster" at Work
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  • "Shape Up & Drop 10"
    January 1 is almost here and we invite you to make this resolution your own. Start the new year right by becoming a member of Shape Up America! and participating in our Shape Up & Drop 10 program available only to our members. Over the coming year, the professionals at Shape Up America! will be sharing more than 75 years of combined weight management experience with you.

    Shape Up & Drop 10 is a weight management program you can live with. It provides practical strategies, tips and solid guidance to overhaul your lifestyle and help you take unwanted pounds off and keep them off.

    The program is designed for adults who are tired of playing "get thin quick" games. We offer real help and guidance for real people. We are here to support our members via email. We can answer your questions as you tackle each step toward healthier eating and a more active lifestyle.

    Shape Up & Drop 10 is not for children or teens younger than 18, but if you happen to be a parent, your entire family will benefit from your participation in Shape Up & Drop 10. So don't delay, become a member and get started now on Shape Up & Drop 10. Here is a preview of the topics we cover in the first few steps of Shape Up & Drop 10. Shape Up & Drop 10 is a registered trademark of Shape Up America!

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    Active Living Every Day
    Active Living Every Day is the only book that offers a 20-week, self-paced plan to help you become more physically active-without requiring vigorous exercise to see results. The concepts presented in this book can be used anytime, anywhere. You choose what form of activity you enjoy the most; from dancing to walking to yard work, it's up to you-whatever keeps you moving and off the couch. This is not a quick fix, but rather a behavioral change approach used by the world- renowned research team at The Cooper Institute and researchers at Brown University. The principles and program methods are based on extensive research and clinical tests and have been proven effective for adults of all ages.

    Unlike other books on the market, Active Living Every Day not only helps you examine your lifestyle and the benefits of exercise, but also offers specific advice for building skills that will help you increase your activity and improve your fitness levels.

    With lots of easy-to-follow advice, charts, forms and checklists--Active Living Every Day shows how to overcome the barriers to being physically active so you can enjoy a lifetime of good health, a fit body, and effective weight control.

    To order this book go here! »

    Managing the "Hungry Monster" at Work
    Are you using food to keep yourself in your seat and your nose to the grindstone? You may feel that working hard entitles you to eat anything you want, whenever you want - so long as you get your work out the door. But if you are packing on the pounds as you bring home the bacon, maybe you should think again. Sitting at a desk all day long is how most of us earn a living. With long hours and little time for exercise, few of us can afford to eat whatever we want whenever we want. Work pressures are pretty intense so you want to avoid starving yourself and adding even more stress to your life. Let's start by giving lunch a makeover and then go on from there. Here are some ways to craft a compromise with your cravings and boost your intake of fruits and vegetables at the same time.

    Salad is your friend; salad dressing is not. For most of us, salad is hands down the best choice for lunch. The more greens and veggies the better, so feel free to grab a bunch of greens to start with. Fill your plate with as many greens you want - and make them as dark as possible to maximize nutrients. Then you can add other interesting veggies and let color be your guide. Aim to make your salad as colorful as possible. Feel free to choose beets and beans and any other vegetables that look fresh and appealing. But watch out for salad dressing !!! Some of the veggies in your salad bar may already have salad dressing on them. The calories in your salad come mainly from the dressing so your goal is to use as little dressing as possible. To eliminate the calories in salad dressing you can purchase fat free dressings or you can make your own dressing without the oil. You can use salt, pepper, spices, garlic, lemon juice or flavorful vinegars containing almost no calories at all.

    Here are some useful salad making tips: Rinse, dry and refrigerate enough greens and veggies to cover your needs for three days at a time. The secret is to make sure your greens are clean and thoroughly dried before you store them in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Make enough dressing to last a week or two. Many salad dressings can be safely stored at room temperature for that long or in a refrigerator for even longer. Buy yourself a big salad spinner to make cleaning and drying your greens much easier. Transport your veggies and greens to work in a container that you can use to eat out of. Transport your salad dressing in a separate container. Add the dressing and toss your salad just before eating it. Use a storage container with an air tight seal to keep greens fresher. Discard greens after three days or sooner if they become wilted or discolored.

    Does late afternoon snacking defeat you? Why not keep a bowl of fresh fruit or a bag of carrots or celery at the office? This strategy will help you manage the hungry monster at work and serve your weight management goals at the same time.

    Walking the Walk
    The October, 2002 issue of Consumer Reports magazine has an entire article on walking shoes and sneakers. You may be surprised to learn about models costing as little as $20 that out-perform shoes that are four times more expensive. Some sneakers have removable insoles that can be replaced. Since insoles typically cost under $20, this is a low cost way of restoring the cushioned comfort of a shoe that has lost its "oomph".

    If you think walking is for wimps, think again. You can significantly increase your "burn rate" - the rate at which you burn calories as you walk - in several ways:

    o By picking up the pace. Walking at 4.5 miles per hour burns calories nearly twice as fast as walking at 2.0 miles per hour. o Add hills. Walking uphill (while maintaining your pace) will significantly increase the burn rate. The greater the incline, the greater the increase. o Add hand weights. A cushioned pair of hand weights that can be gripped firmly as you walk will add to your burn rate. The faster and higher you pump your hands as you walk, the higher the burn rate. As you become more fit, using heavier hand weights will increase the burn even more.

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