Shape Up America! Press Release Archive

  • 02/09/06 — New Poll Shows Americans Are Confused About The Sugar Substitute Category
  • 08/18/05 — Combating Obesity in Children Begins with Parents
  • 06/08/05 — Public Health Groups Join Forces to Counter Confusion About Health Impact of Obesity
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  • 09/30/04 — Shape Up America! to Make Childhood Obesity Prevention a Public Health Priority
  • 12/29/03 — Shape Up America! Reveals The Truth About Dieters
  • 12/19/03 — International Conference Finds Obesity Origins in Infancy
  • 01/08/03 — Shape Up & Drop 10™ Program Offers Real Help for Real People
  • 09/24/02 — Shape Up America! Calls on Parents and Pediatricians to Help Kids Manage Their Weight
  • 03/15/02 — Diabesity™ — the Link Between Obesity and Diabetes — Racks up Health and Financial Costs, says Shape Up America!
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  • 08/28/00 — Shape Up America! Announces Body Fat Percentage As a Leading Public Health Indicator
  • 01/06/00 — Dr. Koop Launches a New Weight Loss Program for the New Century
  • 10/12/99 — Overweight Americans Dismiss The Personal Health Threat of Obesity
  • 06/09/99 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Declares an Inactivity Crisis
  • 11/24/98 — Dr. Koop's Shape Up America! Launches a Support Center in Cyberspace to Tackle Weight Loss Issues
  • 09/18/98 — New Survey on Obesity and Body Image Finds that it's A Matter of Smoke and Mirrors
  • 03/16/98 — The Costs of Obesity Are "Staggering" But Women Are Paying The Highest Price, Says Dr. Koop
  • 02/03/98 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Urges Congress to Tackle Causes of Preventable Deaths Identifies Tobacco Use, Obesity, and Alcohol Abuse as "Big Three"
  • 01/06/98 — Dr. Koop and Leading Public Health Experts Challenge An Editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine which "Trivializes" Obesity
  • 10/01/97 — Study Finds Weight Loss Can Be Maintained; Provides New Hope to Overweight Americans
  • 09/19/97 — In Spite of Diet Drug Withdrawal, The War on Obesity Must Continue Says Dr. C. Everett Koop
  • 09/04/97 — Dr. Koop Calls on Overweight Americans to Become Patient Activists Issues First Reference Manual on Obesity Treatments for Consumers
  • 05/15/97 — Anti-Diet Sentiment Is Pervasive; Underscores Need for Aggressive Education; Shape Up America! Launches Interactive Web Site In Response
  • 10/29/96 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Brings His Anti-Obesity Message To Cyberspace
  • 07/11/96 — Dr. Koop Issues Action Plan to Implement Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health
  • 05/30/96 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Urges Business Community to Combat Obesity; Issues New Guide on Workplace Fitness
  • 05/20/96 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Takes To the Airwaves To Speak Candidly About Obesity
  • 05/02/96 — Physical Activity Is A Family Value, Dr. Koop Says
  • 02/11/96 — Dr. Koop Supports Goals to Increase Obesity Research
  • 10/31/95 — Low-Income Americans Face Major Obstacles To Weight Control
  • 06/28/95 — Rx for America: Increased Activity and Modest Weight Loss Improve Your Health
  • 06/01/95 — Outdated Beliefs Are Keeping Americans from Shaping Up
  • 12/06/94 — Dr. C. Everett Koop Launches A New "Crusade" To Combat Obesity in America

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