Test Your Physical Activity IQ

In general, what percentage of the calories you eat should come from carbohydrate if you are physically active?

The most effective physical activity plan is:

True or False? Certain activities can help you to selectively remove fat from your waist, thighs, or other specific areas of your body.

True or False? Women tend to have a lower metabolic rate than men.

How long does it take to see improvements in fitness level if you are doing moderate intensity (somewhat hard) aerobic activity for 30 minutes three times a week?

What type of workout maximizes fat burning?

True or False? A person who weighs more burns more calories doing the same exercise as someone who weighs less.

True or False? Because we start losing muscle mass every year after about 30 years of age, physical activity has only a small benefit for older individuals.

What are the key components of physical activity that are important for improving your fitness?

True or False? People who want bigger muscles should take protein supplements.