Caffeine content

Caffeine Content of Common Foods and Medications
Food/Beverage Caffeine (mg)
Cake, chocolate (1 piece) 5
Chocolate milk (8 fl oz) 8
Chocolate, bittersweet (1 oz) 30
Chocolate, dark, semi-sweet (1 oz) 20
Chocolate, milk (1 oz) 6
Cocoa beverage (8 fl oz) 5
Coffee, brewed (8 fl oz) 139
Coffee, instant (8 fl oz) 77
Coffee, brewed decaffeinated (8 fl oz) 2
Cola, regular (12 fl oz) 37
Cola, diet (12 fl oz) 50
Cookie, chocolate chip (1) 1
Espresso (8 fl oz) 168
Frozen yogurt, chocolate (½ cup) 3
Ice cream, chocolate (½ cup) 2
Pudding, chocolate (½ cup) 4
Soft serve, chocolate (½ cup) 1
Tea, brewed regular (8 fl oz) 96
Tea, instant (8 fl oz) 62
Tea, iced (8 fl oz) 47
Tea, brewed green (8 fl oz) 35–50
Tea, herbal (8 fl oz) 0
Tea drink, flavored (12 fl oz) 90
Medications Caffeine (mg)
Anacin® 32
Dexatrim® 200
Dristan® 16
Excedrin® 65
NoDoz® 100
Vivarin® 200

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