How to Use the Food and Activity Diary

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Why Keep a Diary?

A food and activity diary can help you identify specific barriers that may be preventing you from making successful changes. If kept over time and when compared to earlier diaries, it can also help you see the progress you've made.

How to Keep a Diary

Print out several copies of the Food and Activity Diary. Follow the directions. Record your food and physical activity for at least two weekdays and one weekend day a week.

How to Use the Diary

At the end of the week, look for trends in your eating and activity patterns. Does your eating increase at certain hours during weekdays or weekends? Do you exercise less on weekdays? Is there anything about these times, your location, the people you are with, or your mood that triggers your urge to eat or your desire not to exercise?

 Download the Food and Activity Diary (pdf)

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