The Keys to Maintenance Success

Making permanent changes in your lifestyle is essential if you are to maintain your weight. The lifestyle change strategies that have been identified as critical for successful weight maintenance are:

  • Physical Activity: doing some physical activity daily. This is the key to successful weight maintenance and is one of the most commonly identified strategies used by people who maintain their weight. It appears to be essential for long-term success.
  • Problem Solving: identifying problems or challenges that threaten to undermine success and pursuing strategies that will resolve those problems. Use of problem solving strategies appears to be one of the top three strategies for long-term maintenance.
  • Social Support: obtaining support from others and identifying saboteurs (who may be friends or relations) and converting them into supporters. Continuing to obtain the support you need from others also ranks among the top three strategies critical for weight maintenance.
  • Self-monitoring: using a diary for logging food intake and physical activity each day.
  • Stress Management: identifying sources of stress and using techniques to reduce or at least manage stress are essential. Physical activity is known to reduce stress
  • Relapse Prevention: being able to identify high-risk situations (dining out, parties, entertaining etc.), develop/implement plans to avoid or minimize the risk, and learning to forgive yourself and view lapses as a learning experience

If you have lost weight, you may have already made some of these lifestyle changes. To maintain your current weight or BMI you need to make these changes a permanent part of your lifestyle.

If maintaining your current weight or BMI is your goal and you have not as yet worked on changing your lifestyle in any or all of the key areas listed above, now is the time to start.

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